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Brand: ADEL (Adelmar Pharma GmbH) Model: ADEL - 24
ADEL-24 (SEPTONSIL)FOR RELIEF OF ACUTE OR CHRONIC TONSILLITIS SYMPTOMSINDICATIONS: For relief of sore throat, parotid gland infections, inflamed tonsils and swallowing difficultyADEL-24(SEPTONSIL) drops are an antibacterial medication developed for treatment of acute and chronic sore throa..
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Brand: ADEL (Adelmar Pharma GmbH) Model: Adel 1 Headache & Neuralgia Drops 20ml
ADEL-1(apo-DOLOR)FOR ALL TYPES OF HEADACHES INCLUDING MIGRAINE, NEURALGIA, STRESS / TENSION HEADACHES AND PAIN IN THE BODY AND LEGSINDICATIONS: For congestive neuralgic headache, pain in the limbs, migraine, sensitivity to changes in the weather and tension headaches.ADEL-1(apo-DOLOR) drop..
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Model: ADEL - 10
ADEL-10 (DEASTH)FOR RELIEF OF SYMPTOMS DUE TO ACUTE AND CHRONIC INFLAMMATION IN RESPIRATORY PATHWAYINDICATIONS: For relief of symptoms of inflammation in respiratory pathway and symptoms due to cardiac asthma, bronchitis and bronchospasmADEL-10(DEASTH) drops are a proven remedy against acu..
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Brand: ADEL (Adelmar Pharma GmbH) Model: ADEL - 11
ADEL-11 (DEFAETON)FOR CONSTIPATION (REGULARIZING STOOL HABITS)INDICATIONS: For acute or chronic constipation with or without a recognizable causeADEL-11(DEFAETON) drops regulate proper intestinal function and work as a gentle laxative This remedy helps relieve acute or chronic constipation, spa..
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Brand: ADEL (Adelmar Pharma GmbH) Model: ADEL - 12
ADEL-12 (DERCUT)FOR PSORIASIS, PIMPLES (ACNE VULGARIS), ECZEMA, URTICARIA AND OTHER SKIN DISEASESINDICATIONS: For general skin diseases, psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, pimples (acne vulgaris), rash at puberty, boils, herpes, milk crust and urticariaADEL-12(DERCUT) drops are indicated ..
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Brand: ADEL (Adelmar Pharma GmbH) Model: ADEL - 13
ADEL-13(FATTEX)SUPPORTS THE REDUCTION OF BODY WEIGHT (SLIMMING EFFECT) AS PART OF A COMPLEX TREATMENTINDICATIONS: For normalization of metabolism in overweight patientsADEL-13(FATTEX) drops helps to alter and normalize metabolism in adipose patients also a remedy for obesity and have the slimming ef..
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Brand: ADEL (Adelmar Pharma GmbH) Model: ADEL - 14
ADEL-14 (FERRODONA)FOR INCREASING HAEMOGLOBIN IN THE BLOOD BY STIMULATING THE IRON EXPLOITATION BY THE BODYINDICATIONS: For anaemia due to iron deficiency, poor nutrition, excessive bleeding and all other causes resulting in poor stimulation of iron exploitation by the bodyAnemia, or the l..
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Brand: ADEL (Adelmar Pharma GmbH) Model: ADEL - 15
ADEL-15 (FLUOFIN)FOR REGULATING VAGINAL DISCHARGEINDICATIONS: For leucorrhoea, vaginal discharge and other related female problemsADEL-15(FLUOFIN) drops are a well proved drops for leucorrhoea (Vaginal dischagre) and female related other problemsCOMPOSITION: Acidum sulfuricum 4x, Calc..
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Brand: ADEL (Adelmar Pharma GmbH) Model: ADEL - 16
ADEL-16 (GASTUL)RECOMMENDED FOR RELIEF OF SYMPTOMS FROM STOMACH ULCERS AND OTHER GASTROINTESTINAL COMPLAINTSINDICATIONS: Supportive treatment for acute or chronic gastritis, nervous stomach, nausea, vomiting and spasmsADEL-16(GASTUL) drops acts against acute chronic gastritis and duodenal ..
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Brand: ADEL (Adelmar Pharma GmbH) Model: ADEL - 17
ADEL-17 (GLAUTARACT)SUPPORTS THE TREATMENT FOR BLURRY, CLOUDY VISION CAUSED DUE TO CATARACT OR GLAUCOMA AS PART OF A COMPLEX TREATMENTINDICATIONS: Supportive treatment for early stage of loss of sight due to cataract, glaucoma and conjunctivitis as part of a complex treatment.Degenerative ..
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Brand: ADEL (Adelmar Pharma GmbH) Model: ADEL - 18
DescriptionADEL-18 (GLUCORECT)HELPS TO MANAGE INCREASED BLOOD AND URINARY SUGARINDICATIONS: Supportive treatment for diabetes (increased blood and urinary sugar).The metabolic condition of a patient suffering from diabetes requires both therepeutic and nutritional measures to correct the i..
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Brand: ADEL (Adelmar Pharma GmbH) Model: ADEL - 19
ADEL-19 (LASSITUL)FOR MENTAL/PHYSICAL TIREDNESSINDICATIONS: For exhaustion (mental and physical), weakness and loss of appetite which could cause loss of self confidenceADEL-19(LASSITUL) drops are medicine for mental and physical exhaustion, weakness, depression and loss of appetite and se..
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